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Upcoming meetings (at USNH, 700 Hartford Turnpike, Hamden, Link to map of USNH location unless otherwise noted)

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Saturday, October 1st
2:00 PM to 4:30 PM

Humanist Explorations: The Century of the Self, Parts 3&4

We will meet half an hour earlier than usual for a longer Explorations session in which we will show the last two of four episodes of “The Century of the Self”, a documentary by Adam Curtis, which views the 20th century as the century of Freudian psychology and traces the rise of Public Relations as a means to control markets and electorates.

Refreshments will be served.

Monday, October 3rd
7:00 PM
Labor Day New Haven area social dinner at Turkish Kebab House, 1157 Campbell Ave., West Haven Link to map of Turkish Kebab House restaurant location.
Saturday, October 15th
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Book Discussion Group: The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine

We will discuss “The Age of Reason: Being an Investigation of True and Fabulous Theology” by Thomas Paine.

Copies of the book are widely available in public libraries in Connecticut, and at local and online booksellers.

Monday, October 17th
7:00 PM

Monthly Meeting: Stoicism and Epicurianism in the Modern Day

Stoicism and Epicureanism are two of the main philosophical schools that dominated the Hellenistic period, usually defined as the years from the death of Alexander the Great (323 BCE) to the rise of the Roman Empire at the Battle of Actium (31 BCE). Although the formal schools did not survive the rise of Christianity, many of the ideas of the ancient teachers can be found in the writings of philosophers throughout the centuries.

Both philosophies have been the subject of increased interest in recent years. Steven Greenblatt’s book, “The Swerve,” credits the 15th Century discovery of Lucretius’s poem, “On the Nature of Things,” with reintroducing Epicurean ideas and sparking the modern age. Epicurean concepts are major components of many Humanist philosophers.

Stoic principles were fundamental in the development of rational emotive behavior therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. In more recent years, philosophers have imagined how Stoicism might have evolved if it had survived to be influenced by modern science, and they have joined with psychotherapists and other academics to create a modern Stoicism movement.

David Schafer is a co-founder and current program chair of the Humanist Association of Connecticut, and was president of the Unitarian Universalist Humanists for seven years (2003-2010).

Dan Blinn is a consumer rights attorney and a graduate of Class 19 of the Humanist Institute. He is the founding ex-president of Hartford Area Humanists and one of the founding chairs of the Connecticut Coalition of Reason. He began a regular Stoic practice in 2015.

We will start with half an hour of coffee and conversation at 7:00 PM. Our main talk will follow brief announcements at 7:30 PM.

Sunday, October 23rd
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

October board and standing committee meetings

All members are welcome to attend.


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