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Upcoming meetings (at USNH, 700 Hartford Turnpike, Hamden, Link to map of USNH location unless otherwise noted)

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Saturday, May 5th
2:30 PM to 4:30 PM

Humanist Explorations: Virginia Lee Burton; A Sense of Place

Born in 1909, Virginia Lee Burton was a leading author of children’s literature and understood how to invoke the curiosity in young minds with the goal of making learning an inherent component of their adult lives. Her books and illustrations are classics of children’s literature. A staunch feminist, she was the founder of The Folly Cove Designers in Gloucester, Massachusetts, the work of which is on display at MFA in Boston, and the Metropolitan in NY.
Monday, May 7th
7:00 PM
New Haven area social dinner at Turkish Kebab House, 1157 Campbell Ave., West Haven Link to map of Turkish Kebab House restaurant location.
Monday, May 21st
7:00 PM

Monthly Meeting: Ken Feder - Strange Archaeology: A Field Guide to Some of the Oddest Archaeological Sites in North America

Ken Feder, Ph.D. returns with a talk entitled “Strange Archaeology: A Field Guide to Some of the Oddest Archaeological Sites in North America.”

Did the ancient people of Utah live among dinosaurs and did they depict them in their rock art? Did some of those same ancient people encounter visitors from other planets, painting images of those extraterrestrials on canyon walls in the American Southwest? Have archaeologists discovered evidence of the presence of wandering Jews in ancient America, explorers who left their mark by engraving the Ten Commandments in Hebrew on rocks in New Mexico? And Ohio? And Tennessee? Finally, have archaeologists discovered the existence of the far western outpost of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, not in Africa, but in Guadalupe, California? If you’ve been paying attention to Ken Feder’s many lectures to the Humanist Association of Connecticut, you’ve already guessed that the answers to all of these questions is a resounding “No!” Join him as he provides a preview of some of the extraordinary claims about American antiquity that he explores in his upcoming book, Strange Archaeology: A Field Guide to Forty of the Oddest Sites and Claims in North America.

Ken is a professor of Archaeology at Central Connecticut State University, author of seven books and the co-author of another. He has been on BBC’s Horizon and Nationl Geographic’s Is It Real?

We will start with half an hour of coffee and conversation at 7:00 PM Followed by our main presentation after brief announcements at 7:30 PM.

Sunday, May 27th
3:30 PM to 5:30 PM

May board and standing committee meetings

All members are welcome to attend.

Monday, May 28th
7:00 PM

Dinner & Discussion: Should HAC Take the Pro-Truth Pledge?

You may recall that our March monthly meeting was a presentation on the Pro-Truth Pledge by Dr. Gleb Tsipursky. Should the Humanist Association of Connecticut sign the pledge as an organization? What would it mean to our organization? Please review what the pledge is all about at https://www.protruthpledge.org/. The menu item “public figures” includes organizations that have signed the pledge. The blog page even includes links to YouTube videos of elected officials taking the pledge! We will discuss this option at our next discussion dinner at 7:00 PM on May 28 at the Wood ‘n’ Tap at 2100 Dixwell Avenue in Hamden. Link to map of the Hamden Wood 'N Tap restaurant location

Saturday, June 2nd
2:30 PM to 4:30 PM

Humanist Explorations: The Triangle Fire

In March, 1911, one hundred-forty six textile workers died in a massive fire as a result of negligence on the part of the factory owners and managers. The events of 1911 are worth considering in light of rollbacks of worker protections and other current shenanigans.

We’ll watch a documentary and discuss The Triangle Fire at 2:30 PM on Saturday, June 2, at 700 Hartford Turnpike in Hamden.

Saturday, June 16th
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Book Discussion Group: “One Nation Under God”

As many of you know, scheduling does not allow a book discussion this May. We will resume on June 16 with “One Nation Under God: How Corporate America Invented Christian America” by historian Kevin M. Kruse.

From the cover: “We’re often told that the United States is, was, and always has been a Christian nation. But in ‘One Nation Under God,’ historian Kevin M. Kruse reveals that the idea of ‘Christian America’ is an invention—and a relatively recent one at that.

Copies are widely available in public libraries in Connecticut, and at local and online booksellers.


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